Accounting & Tax

  • Preparation of sales invoices;

  • Sending of statements to customers;

  • Payment of suppliers;

  • Opening of letters of credit and management of the processes for other trade banking instruments;

  • Registration of your company with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) and other relevant authorities;

  • Assistance in other, similar administrative tasks.

General Accounting
  • Processing of all your accounting source documents; 

  • Journal entries;

  • Bank reconciliations, as well as customer and supplier reconciliations;

  • Assistance in other, similar accounting tasks.

  • Computarisation and preparation of monthly payrolls;

  • Sending of payslips to employees;

  • Monthly returns to all statutory authorities;

  • Assistance in other payroll-related tasks.

  • Filing of Value Added Tax (VAT);

  • Corporate income tax;

  • Tax deduction at source (TDS);

  • Filing of all employment-related returns;

  • Assistance in other tax required returns.

  • Preparation of your management accounts as per a pre-agreed reporting format, reviewed on a monthly, quarterly, semesterly or yearly basis;

  • Variance analyses;

  • Preparation of your forecasts and budgets;

  • Preparation of annual financial statements for filing by the Company Secretary.

  • Advice on Mauritian tax and tax treaties signed by Mauritius;

  • Computarisation of all taxes payable in Mauritius; 

  • Computarisation and payment of tax in advance (APS);

  • Computarisation and refunds requests from the relevant tax authorities;

  • Assisting with tax disputed with the Mauritius Revenue Authority;

  • Answer to all your tax enquiries.