Setting up your entity

Navitas offers entrepreneurs, multinational companies, foreign international companies, fund managers, high net worth individuals, risk capital investors and individual clients, various benefits for the structuring of their entities in Mauritius.

Navitas is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to accompany a selection of businesses in setting up their entity in Mauritius.

A proposed entity owned and controlled by non-citizen shareholders and conducting business mostly outside of Mauritius, will have to be a Global Business Company (GBC) or an Authorised Company.


Global business companies (gbcs)

In Mauritius, GBCs are tax resident companies that benefit from all Double Taxation Treaties (DTAs) signed by Mauritius.

A GBC will be required to carry out its income generating activities in or from Mauritius, through the direct and indirect employment of suitably qualified persons. It should also incur a minimum level of expenditure in accordance with its level of activities.

Additionally, it is mandatory for the holder of a GBC to be managed and controlled from Mauritius, and administered by a company like Navitas, which holds a Management Company license from the FSC.

GBCs are taxed at a 15% rate, with the following exceptions:

  • 3% tax rate if engaged in exports of goods;

  • 3% or less if income sources are dividends and/or interests from a foreign source;

  • 3% tax rate on overseas income derived by a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), closed ended funds, CIS manager, CIS administrator, investment advisor or asset manager;

  • No capital gains tax;

  • No withholding tax on payment of dividends to shareholders.

Authorised Company

In Mauritius, Authorised Companies are non-resident for tax purposes, which means they do not have access to treaty benefits. In order to set up such a company, the business’s majority of shares, voting rights or legal & beneficial interests must be held or controlled by a non-citizen.

Additionally, the company must apply with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for a Global Business License if it…

  • proposes to conduct or conducts business principally outside Mauritius, or with such category of persons as may be specified in FSC Rules; and

  • has its place of effective management outside Mauritius.

Navitas assists you with…

  • The setting up of all available types of corporate vehicles (limited by shares, by guarantee, limited life…);

  • The drafting of constitutions, shareholders’ agreements, share sale and purchase agreements;

  • Your application with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the relevant authorities for different permits, including investor, self-employed, retired, professional, tourist enterprises-related and business operations permits, among others.